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Kaytee Boyd, Nutritionist and Health Expert

Kaytee Boyd

03 Feb Kaytee Boyd, Nutritionist and Health Expert

Kaytee Boyd is a woman of many talents. Her varied career includes competing for New Zealand in BMX, Mountain Bike, Road and Track cycling, working as an exercise professional, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Nutrition Specialist and Sports & Biomedical Nutritionist. With a double degree in Human Nutrition and Sport Science from the University of Otago, coupled with her athletic background and long history in the health industry, Kaytee is well-qualified as an expert on nutrition, health and fitness. Kaytee supports OnePure water as some of the highest-quality mineral water she has seen compared to others on the market.

Hydration is absolutely crucial to general health and well-being, and our bodies can become severely out of balance if not cared for with proper hydration. Drinking mineral water, which is naturally alkaline in pH, helps to balance out our acidic modern diets, ensure proper oxygenation of the blood, and even help conditions such as acid reflux.

Kaytee currently specialises in cancer, adrenal fatigue and CFS, hormone imbalance, gut and food allergies. She will be writing more about the health properties of water that can help avoid cancer and other illnesses.

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