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Water is water…right?

Benefits of Drinking Mineral Water

01 Feb Water is water…right?

Tap water, bottled water, mineral water… it all LOOKS the same, so it must BE the same, right? Well, water products can vary widely in quality, taste, and health properties. Tap water in your location could be good quality, while your regular bottled water brand might not come from where you think. It’s not surprising that many people are confused about which water to pick and what the difference is between different products.

In essence, the best quality water will come from a natural, high-quality source and be processed as little as possible. That is the best, most natural and healthiest water with which to fuel your body. Bottled water is often seen as the healthier choice, but what many consumers don’t realise is that bottled water may also have gone through rigorous processing and purification before bottling. In fact, many bottled waters are actually just purified tap waters with clever marketing!

Natural is best

The issue with municipal tap water is that it typically undergoes a lot of processing before making its way to your household tap. In addition, chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride may be added to your water supply. They are there to purify the water, but the idea of drinking these chemicals everyday can be a little hard to stomach.

Some bottled water companies actually take tap water, purify it further to remove those chemicals, and then bottle it to sell. Look out for terms such as ‘purified drinking water’ to find these companies, or do some research on each brand and where it is really coming from first. There is no point consciously choosing bottled water for your health and accidentally ending up with someone similar to your tap water anyway.

Heavy processing

Other bottled spring water may have undergone heavy processing before making its way to you. One popular processing technique is reverse osmosis – used to pull out elements from the water to make it safe for drinking. The trouble with reverse osmosis is that it also pulls out natural mineral elements from the water too. After that, the water may be subjected to yet another process in order to put mineral elements back in! Heavy processing can take its toll on the water and affect its beneficial, ‘living’ properties.

Dead water

One option to avoid drinking tap water chemicals is to drink distilled water. This water will be pure and free from chemicals. The only problem is that this water will also be free from anything else – the minerals and elements that give difference waters their distinctive taste, structure, and health properties. This water is clean but it’s not living, fresh water either.

The OnePure difference – the Benefits of Mineral Water

Our mineral water is filtered using ozone to ensure it meets the highest health and safety standards. Filtering with ozone means using oxygen to clean the water. No minerals are added in, and no minerals are taken out. Our water source is so clean and pure, that we don’t need to interfere with the natural structure of the mineral water. The water is artesian, which means it bubbles out of the ground naturally, without needing heavy mechanised pumps to pull the water out. And our source is certainly not the tap!

We stand by our mineral water and proudly let our customers know where the water is from, how we bottle it, and why our mineral water is healthier for you and your body. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

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